A Mirror of the Time

img_specchiA programme of concerts that breaks new ground for the Teatro dell’Opera: a series of six symphonic concerts, each demonstrating how musical know-how has been passed down through the years, from one era to another, from one generation to the next, from the 1800s to the 1900s and the present day. All the concerts will take us on a journey of discovery, looking at the links and differences between the various musical periods and languages. An alternation of works by a classical composer, one from the last century and another from our day, providing an idea of the path followed by musical research over the past two centuries: in some cases a matter of continuity, in others a radical change in direction.

Thus a concert may start with Beethoven, move on to Sibelius and end with Berio; begin with Tchaikovsky and finish with Xenakis, having looked at Prokofiev on the way; commence with Brahms, consider Bartók and conclude with Adès and Petrassi. The programme of concerts will offer a series of mirrors of the time, showing the effect of what a philosopher such as Walter Benjamin once called “a secret pact” that binds the generations.
It is now thought most unlikely that music has seen linear progress or evolution, as believed until very recently, but, rather, it has always strived to meet the challenges of the day, drawing on what it has inherited from the past and then either developing this or rebelling against it.
These concerts will provide a ‘Mirror of the Time’ as they want to focus on the many different responses and angles, and the links that exist between the different periods; they want to offer a variety of moments for reflection on that great adventure, music, age after age.

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