General informations

Umbrellas, hats, bags, helmets, cameras audio and video recording equipment must be left in the cloakroom.
Photographing, either with or without a flash, is strictly prohibited in the Theatre, as is audio and video recording.
The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the auditorium.
On opening nights and premieres, patrons are invited to wear evening dress.
Entry to the stalls and numbered seats in the gallery and balcony is prohibited once the performance has started. Latecomers may wait in the theatre foyer.
Any food or drink must be consumed exclusively within the bar areas of the Theatre.
Smoking is prohibited inside the Theatre.
For information about lost property, patrons should contact tel. 06 48160310
The management reserves the right to move purchased seating for technical reasons.
The events calendar is displayed at the Box Office and at the main entrance of Theatres. Copies may be requested by application to: Servizio Promozione Pubblico, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Piazza Beniamino Gigli, 7 00184 Roma, e-mail

Cancellation/suspension in the event of bad weather (Terme di Caracalla)
In the event of bad weather, the performance is never cancelled before the scheduled starting time. Should bad weather conditions prevent the performance from starting on time, or cause an interruption, the Teatro dell’Opera Foundation reserves the right to delay the start of the performance or to suspend it for up to 100 minutes before announcing any cancellation. In the event that the performance is suspended after the first act, all rights to ticket reimbursement are withdrawn.
We urge Patrons interested in buying tickets for Teatro dell’Opera performances, to do so only and exclusively through the explicitly authorized channels of the Foundation detailed on this website, or at the Theatre Box Office: P.zza B. Gigli, Teatro Nazionale (only on the day of a performance, from an hour before the performance is due to start), Terme di Caracalla (only on the day of a performance, from an hour and a half before the performance is due to start). In respect of this, the Teatro dell’Opera declines all responsibility for irregular transactions made through unauthorized channels.

GARAGE MEDITERRANEO, via Massimo D’Azeglio 12 tel. 06 4745202 (50% discount on the hourly fee)

A taxi booking service is available to the public at the entrance of the Theatre. During the intervals, staff is available to make bookings.

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