“Artists at the Opera”
A new look for the foyer on the first floor !

On the the occasion of Tristan und Isolde s press conference the newly renovated foyer on the first floor of the Teatro dell’Opera has been reopened to the public.
After the recent completion of the restoration works, it is now possible to “admire” again the architectonical solutions of the original project by Marcello Piacentini, who in the ‘50s  was given the job to re-design some of the public areas of the Teatro Costanzi, with the particular task of matching the modern rationalist style of his time with the traditional  nineteenth-century decor.
In particular, in the new restoration, various furniture which didn’t match Piacentini’s rationalist style, including curtains, chandeliers and two large paintings – which were returned to the Musei Capitolini – have been removed, or displayed in other areas.
The newly renovated foyer has been hosting, since 23 November 2016, the permanent exhibition “Artists at the Opera ” featuring a collection of many works of art owned by the Opera House which will be displayed on a rotation. On the occasion of the opening the exhibition is showing four paintings by Enzo Cucchi designed for the aedicula of the first scene of Tosca (1990/91); to be more precise three painted canvas and a white one are exhibited, ( the latter was on the side that could be seen by the public).
Along the foyer are also displayed various costumes and sketches by Renato Guttuso for Carmen (1969/70), by Ugo Nespolo for Don Quixote (1989/90),and  by Giacomo Manzù for Oedipus Rex (1963/64). There are also sketches made by Arnaldo Pomodoro for Semiramide (1982/83), and by Alexander Calder for Work in progress (1967/68).