Caffè dell’Opera Pret a manger

Caffè dell’Opera is now offering an extra service to the opera-goers, a new menu featuring hot and cold dishes to enjoy during the show’s intervals.

It is a menu inspired by Alba Esteve Ruiz, the Chef of the Restaurant Marzapane in Rome,

How to Order 

When customers arrive at the theatre, before the show starts, they can simply contact to the personnel at the counter in the Caffè dell’Opera and select their preferred choice from the various options available on the menu.

When and where to collect the meal

During the intervals they can can pick up their orders at the specially dedicated area next to the cashier of the foyer.

Menù Options

Here below an example of some of the options available on the menu proposed by Caffè dell’Opera. The menu may change according to the seasons.

Hot dishes

Chargrilled octopus with sautéed escarole
Meat tortellini in broth
Radicchio flan with goat cheese

Cold dishes

Club sandwich with chicken salad
Club sandwich with shrimps
Small panino with bresaola, arugula and Parmesan cheese
Small panino with salmon and goat cheese

Small panino with buffalo mozzarella and tomato


Lemon delight
Apple strudel
Fresh pineapple