Operaroma.tv: performances at home by the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

In response to the cancellation of its performances due to the emergency measures , the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is moving its programme to “Teatro Digitale” , with a series of concerts, operas and ballets which are being made available for free streaming on operaroma.tv, the Official You Tube channel of the Theatre. This decision has been taken to keep performing, even in the absence of an audience.
Thanks to the digital support of the social platforms, the season will be going online, reaching everyone’s home,  offering performances of great technical and artistic quality, and overcoming the physical boundaries of a theatre and the relationship between musicians, artists and spectators, potentially reaching a much wider audience. In this way the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is trying to find a solution to the restrictions imposed in the difficult circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an effort to find new forms of expression, which allow the Teatro dell’Opera to carry on with its cultural project and continue to share the emotions of great music with its audience.

In compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of 3 November 2020, the shows will be performed behind closed doors, without an audience.
To watch the live streaming, just connect to the official You Tube channel of the Teatro dell’Opera (https://www.youtube.com/user/operaroma).

Anyone wishing to contribute with a ‘virtual ticket’ can make a donation to the Fondazione Teatro Dell’Opera. The fundraising campaign “I love Roma Opera Aperta” is now on: all opera and ballet lovers can support the Teatro dell’Opera in overcoming this difficult moment. It is possible to donate directly on the official website of the Teatro dell’Opera and enjoy the “ART BONUS” tax reliefs: https://www.operaroma.it/news/i-love-roma-opera-aperta/

We are looking forward to connecting with you on operaroma.tv !