Season 2016/2017

Il monello

Youth Orchestra of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

Conductor Roberto Polastri




Price for matiné  € 6,00.
Free entry for accompanying teachers and students with disabilities (104/92 free entry).
Price for other performances € 20,00;  € 10,00 ( under 26); € 10,00 (groups, 15 students and 1 teacher minimum).

The moving story of the little boy abandoned by his mother and raised by Charlot, the Tramp by the large heart, a thousand sacrifices and tricks, manages to raise him taking it away from the orphanage. After many vicissitudes the mother manages to find the baby against the promise of a large reward to anyone who will bring back to her. The kid  was taken away from Charlot, but the two finally turn out to rejoin.


Teatro Nazionale

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First performance

  • Friday
    HOURS 11:00

The replicas

  • Saturday
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