Support us through “Art Bonus”

Supporting Teatro dell’Opera di Roma lets you manifest your love for this historical and prestigious Italian cultural institution. Your donation is vital: it helps sustain our remarkable artistic heritage in Italy and publicise this throughout the world.

Individuals, non-profit organizations and companies who support Teatro dell’Opera di Roma with monetary donations can benefit from significant tax advantages.

In fact tax credits are now available for those donating to support culture (the so-called “Art-Bonus”) pursuant to Italian Law Decree dated 31 May 2014, no. 83, modified and converted into Law dated 29 July 2014, no. 106 and subsequently amended by Law dated 23 December 2014, no. 190 (article 1, paragraph 11) and again by Law dated 28 December 2015 no. 208 (article, paragraph 318). This legal framework allows for a favourable tax regime – in the form of tax credits – for individuals and legal entities that donate money to support operatic and symphonic foundations.



Organisations subject to Italian company tax making monetary donations to support Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Capitale can now receive a tax credit, at a rate of 65% of the actual amount donated.

This tax credit is recognised within the limits of the “5 per Mille” scheme (0.5% of taxable income) and is divided into three equal annual instalments.

Notwithstanding this division into three equal annual instalments, organisations subject to company tax can benefit from this tax credit in the shape of tax deductions pursuant to Article 17 of Legislative Decree dated 9 July 1997, no. 241 and subsequent amendments. In other words, this tax credit is not considered when calculating income tax (IRES) and regional tax on productive activities (IRAP).



Natural persons and non-market legal entities making monetary donations to support the Fondazione  Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Capitale are entitled to a tax credit, at the rate of 65% of the actual amount donated.

This tax credit is recognised within a limit of 15 percent of taxable income and is divided into three equal annual instalments.


For more information, please contact:

Fundraising and Membership Department

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